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My Favourite Things. April Edition.

Hey everybody!

First of all I'm so disappointed I haven't been able to post on my blog sooner. I have been really under the weather the last couple of weeks but I'm getting back on course now with a really strong dose of antibiotics. I'll be back to myself, (an even stronger self hopefully), in no time. So here we are in May and I honestly can't believe it. Where April went so quick, I don't know! So what I want to do, rather than post just a monthly favourites, I'm going to give a quick run down of how April was for me. And also set out my plan on what I want a achieve in the month of May.

April was a relatively quiet month for my personal life. I work in job where Easter is very busy and you just don't stop. So I was very tied up a lot with work but that's life! I did get to spend the actual Easter weekend with my best friend which was really lovely as we both have hectic lives so when we do get to spend some time in each others company it does be a real treat. I certainly upped the ante where my training is concerned and by that I mean its given first priority when it comes to my spare time. Like I've said in a previous post I'm the most active I have ever been and I don't ever want to drop the ball. So here are a few things I've loved during April. Hope you enjoy.  

1: Favourite Artist 

I use the word Artist because it goes without say this mans creativity in music is on another level. The minute you hear his sound you know its Pharrell Williams. I've loved Pharrell from back in the early days when he was making music with N.E.R.D and The Neptunes at least that's when I first took notice of him. And his most recent work with Daft Punk and Robin Thicke made me love him all over again. Ok, I know its like so last Summer but this guy is making music that lasts plus his most recent tune 'Happy' (lead single from his album G I R L) is yet another classic. His album 'G I R L' will probably be one of my favourite albums of 2014. I drive a hell of a lot so I need some decent music to keep me going in the car. And just in case you didn't know this guy has worked with everybody! Including Shakira, Beyonce, Lorde, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dog, Frank Ocean (one of my favourites at the moment too) and Mika (remember him) The list goes on and on... Did you that in the video for N.E.R.Ds 'she wants to move' the dancer in it is none other than Alesha Dixon?

2: Favourite TV show

I stepped into the world of netflix at the beginning of April, finally!! There is so much that I want to watch but earlier in the month my spare time albeit very little spare time was taking up watching 'Orange is the New Black' and in one word it is excellent! From start to finish I was hooked. 'Orange is the new black' tells a story about a young woman who got caught up in carrying drug money, not to give too much away and after being on the run for 10 years she surrenders herself to prison. A women's prison in New York, where the TV show is mostly based. I would highly recommend watching this. It is graphic (warning) and brilliantly executed and funny, plenty of laughs throughout each episode. I can't wait for season 2 due out in June. It stars Jason Biggs, best known for playing Jim Levenstein in American pie ;)

3: Favourite nail polish

Right onto a couple of beauty products. So my beautiful friend for my birthday bought me a white Essie nail polish (she bought lots of other goodies too) I had been eyeing for the longest time. I am loving crisp white clean nails at the moment they where huge last Summer and I think this Summer will be the same. I wouldn't get the longest time out of an application even with a base coat and a top coat but my job wouldn't be the best place to expect regular nail polish to last, nonetheless I love wearing this polish. On application you have to be very careful and build it up with thin layers to prevent it from looking like tip ex :) But when done right this can look really pretty, girly and clean. Essie nail polish was first launched in 1981 and 'Blanc' pictured below was one off the very first colours launched and still goes strong today. Definitely one of my favourites I own.

4: Favourite Makeup

This month I bring you the foundation I've been using over the last few weeks and that is the Rimmel 25hr stay foundation. I love Rimmels foundations they are pocket friendly and are very good quality. I go between 3 of them: Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and this one Rimmel 25hr stay foundation.

In the colder months I stuck to the stay matte foundation because it gives the best coverage ever! Its applies so nicely and has great staying power and I'll still use this foundation on nights out and occasions etc... And now with the warmer months here I turn to my Rimmel liquid foundations as I feel they leave a glowing finish and they feel quite light on the skin. I actually forgotten how much I love this foundation. 25hr stay? OK, In fairness that's a big ask haha but I generally apply this foundation at 6:30 in the morning and it stays until I get home and am taking my makeup off, generally around 9pm. I don't touch up my makeup through out the day (sorry beauty gurus) Unless I'm heading out and after work and in that case I would reapply an entire face of makeup. I got so many compliments when I wore this foundation, generally on how my skin cleared, so while it wouldn't give the super coverage the stay matte foundation gives, it still gives enough. I apply this foundation using the pixiwoo miracle complexion sponge which, oh my god, is amazing! I also use a primer which would play a big part in my makeup staying put and a setting powder which again is vital in my makeup not moving. I'll soon have a post about my daily regular makeup routine. ;) 

5: Favourite make up tool

As mentioned above I use the the pixiwoo complexion sponge to apply my foundation and concealer. Its a must to anyones makeup brush collection in my opinion. I often use a brush to apply my foundation but I find this sponge does the job just as well if not better and in half the time, so its perfect for me in my already 'tight for time' morning when heading to work. To use this sponge, you soak it first and it will expand to twice the size. I use the flat part to apply my over all foundation and the the more pointed end around my eye area and to blend in concealer. I own 3 of these as I use them everyday and its vital I keep my tools clean with my sensitive skin. So I wash them after every use which takes minimal effort. These make up sponges are available in boots for around 6 euro and would often be on offer along with the entire range of pixiwoo makeup brushes, buy one get the second half price. They are great value even not on offer ;)    

6: Favourite body care

Last month I brought you Sanex sensitive shower cream and this month I bring you Sanex roll on deodorant and I am using the extra control 48Hr at the moment. I work a in a job where I move around a lot and a good antiperspirant deodorant is a must, so having good protection is vital! I was using Mitchum 48 hour deodorant in powder fresh spray which is fantastic. But I switched to a roll on cos my under arm area is extremely sensitive at the moment and I find the roll ons don't cause as much irritation (but I do keep a spray in my locker for lil touch ups through out the day) Now, why anyone would need 48 hour protection from a deodorant, I don't know, as I'm sure, like me, we shower and wash daily but still its a very good selling point. LOL. I find with roll ons you get a lot longer out of the product than a spray which makes them better value for money in my opinion. I bought the sensitive one too. I picked these up in my local super value, they where on offer just over a euro each which is brilliant value!!

7: Favourite perfume

I'm very particular about what scents I wear. I'm very much a stick to what I know and like kinda gal when it comes to perfumes. I tend to go for sweet smelling perfumes. My everyday perfume is Fantasy by Britney Spears which I'm wearing since I'm 21! And still love it, but for nights out and special occasions recently I've been reaching for Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison and it smells amazing!! Its ingredients are Ylang-Ylang essence, orange blossom and vanilla. I never took note of the scents used in this perfume until I did my research for this post and funnily enough, orange is not only my favourite scent in anything! I also love the flavour in anything, chocolate in particular LOL! Plus I love Vanilla! When I was much younger, in my teens I was a huge fan of vanilla musk and I can only but guess that the Ylang-Ylang essence balances out the fragrance. Its made up of my favourite scents so is it any wonder why I love it?! And the bottle is fab. 
Fun fact? Did you know that most perfume bottles cost more to manufacture than the contents inside them? 

8: Favourite Food

Keeping it on the healthy side, this month I am in love with water melon all over again. I am little obsessed LOL. its super healthy and I love to snack on this particularly after training cos it is very refreshing. And look how pretty it is....

9: Random favourite

Last month I raved about tea tree oil and this month its been all about the Bio Oil. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with oils? And this one is amazing! I use it head to toe especially around my hands and cuticles which are desperately dry at the moment and this stuff works so well on them. Now Bio Oil is made to treat stretch marks and scaring, I have tried it on a scar on my shoulder however I think its too badly scared to work on it but nonetheless I always have a bottle of this in my beauty stash and anybody I know who uses it loves it too. Its not particularly cheap but not major expensive neither a bottle this size would set ya back about 8 euro and its available in all good chemists and super markets. I apply this using my finger tips.

10: Miss Fabulous

Every month I'm gonna pick a person, celebrity or not :) as my Miss or even Mr Fabulous :) I'll be mentioning a person who inspires me or touched me in some way. And this month its Mary Lambert. And for me, Mary Lambert is head to toe fabulous inside and out. And I love her style! The reason why I picked her this month, is her 'body love' track and video.I just feel she isn't afraid to express herself and say exactly how she see's it. She is an absolute inspiration for the LGBT community. I look forward to hearing her stuff in the future. Did you know that Mary Lambert is the singer on Macklemores track Same Love? And she wrote the hook in 2 hours! What a talented young lady.      

And there you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I have been loving in April.

For this month, like I said in the intro its all about training and working out. I want to beat my times and work on my arms. May is all about the arms :) I have also started a new skin care range I bought in super drug and I'm looking forward to letting ya know how I get on with that. I hope you all have a fabulous month of May! Summer is here!!

Hope you're all keeping well, 

Much Love as always!!

Amy xo

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