Sunday, 11 May 2014


Hello Friends.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day!
So I'm blogging just over a month now and I hope you are enjoying my posts so far. Tonight I'm bringing you a tag that has done its round on blogs and you tube and its the TMI tag. It's 50 questions about myself, hence the Too Much Information, TMI abbreviation. Thought it might let you get to know me a bit better. Plus I love reading and watching these!


 1:What are you wearing?
Right now I'm wearing a lovely set of red and white pyjamas if I do say so myself, my mam got me for Easter instead of an Easter egg and a hoodie. Love these PJ days, whats seldom is wonderful. 
2:Ever been in love?  

3:Ever had a terrible breakup?
No. I've had terrible ends to friendships though. I can only assume that's worse. 

4:How tall are you?
Just over 5.6. ;)

5:How much do you weigh?
A lot less than I weighed this time last year. ;D

6:Any tattoos?
 This, on my left wrist.

7:Any piercings?
Yes just my ears. I was 6 months when they were pierced.   

(One True Pairing in characters basically) 
The pair that stand out is Homer and Marge Simpson. 
They crack me up and I just feel they are the perfect TV couple. ;)

9:Favourite show?
Right now, my current favourites are The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black. I love Sex and the City and Friends. Love me soaps too! Corrie all the way!

10:Favourite bands?
Queen, Elbow, The Moody Blues,One Republic, Daft Punk,
 Too many to name really ;)

11:Something you miss?
Miss living in Dublin sometimes simply because my friends are too far away on days I feel or need to call over for a cuppa. We see each other as much as possible. I rely on my phone to be in contact with them. I love where I live but my career and friends are miles away.

12:Favourite song?
'One Day like This' Elbow, LOVE!!

13:How old are you?

14:Zodiac sign?
I'll throw in that I love astrology.

15:Quality you look for in a partner?
Funny and nice style.

16:Favourite quote? 
Simple: ''What goes around comes around''.

17:Favourite actor?
Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jonah Hill and 
Leonardo Di Caprio.

18:Favourite colours?
Purple, Green and Blue.

19:Loud music or soft music?
I'd definitely be a more soft music kinda a gal.
However when I'm out training I have my ear phones in and the music pumping.

20:Where do you go when your sad?
Truth be known, I don't really feel sad much. Perhaps because I'm busy all the time but if I want shut away from the world for a while I just go to my room.

21:How long does it take you to shower?
Depends: If I'm showering to just have a wash and freshen up- 10 minutes but If I'm showering and washing my hair and doing all the stuff a girly girl does to maintain herself  ;) exfoliating etc... 40 minutes tops.

22:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
It takes me about 30 minutes to do my hair, makeup and get dressed provided I'm nice and organised from the night before.

23:Ever been in a physical fight?

24:Turn on?
Nice teeth and kindness. 
(with words not materials ;D)

25:Turn off?
Poor personal hygiene if I'm honest I just don't understand it!!

26:The reason I joined blogging?
I really wanted to try my hand at it because I love blogs so much and I figured it's a good way to express myself and keep myself motivated.

Loosing people close to me. 
But when I was a kid I had a very irrational fear of butterflies!! And part of the meaning behind my tattoo is about conquering my fears. ;)

28:Last thing that made you cry?
The thing that stands out is when I was driving home a few weeks ago and a crazy driver, driving way too fast on the opposite side of the road clipped my wing mirror so hard it smashed into my drivers door window shattering the glass. I think I got upset with fright more than anything. But they where genuine tears haha I was finding glass for days!!

29:Last time you said you loved someone?
Today, my nephew. xx

30:Meaning behind your blogging name?
You'll have to wait and see. 
That's a post I'll have up very soon.

31:Last book you read?
50 Shades of grey, the entire trilogy and I think it gave me 'readers' block haha because I was a long time before I could get into anything else. Bad reading!

32:The book you are currently reading?
The four agreements.

33:Last show you watched?
Keeping up with the Kardashians ;)
I'm am totally addicted to the channel E! And I've only begun to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians! Bit late on the band wagon. I also watched the Fashion Police another great show!!

34:Last person you talked to?

35:The relationship between you and the last person you text?
Christy. (friend)

36:Favourite food?
Me mams coddle! Definitely. I know it one of them foods that you either love or hate and I think its a real Irish dish but it would definitely come first. :) 
If going out for a meal I love Chinese food. (so original haha)

37:Place you want to visit?
  San Francisco but my list is longer than my arm. =)

38:Last place you were?
Last time I was abroad on holiday I was in Italy. And that was far too long ago hopefully I'll fix that this year.

39:Do you have a crush?
Can't say ;)

40:Last time you kissed someone?
Don't think so ;)

41:Last time you were insulted?
 In fairness I don't get a lot of insults or offended much in my day to day life. I like to think I live a fabulous life and if I do I shake it off and walk away!

42:Favourite flavour of sweet?
Chocolate or orange and put those 2 together and I'm in heaven!

43:What instruments do you play?
I played the tin whistle and keyboard in school and I definitely want to pick the keyboard back up. 

44:Favourite piece of jewellery?
It would have to be a sliver chain with an amethyst stone in it which I love and wore for ages every single day! My mam bought it for me for my 24th birthday.The pic doesn't do it any justice but its really pretty! 

45:Last sport you played?
Does training count as a sport? I do keep active.
Other than that I never play or have played a sport. I'm all for it but at my age I doubt I'll pick one up at this stage.

46:Last song you sang?
 'The one who got away' Katy Perry
Actually love that song!!

47:Favourite chat up line?
Don't have one however I have hard some cringe worthy ones so here you go:
How much does a Polar bear weigh?...
Enough to break the ice....
I promise you that I have never used it nor will I ever use it LOL but it made me laugh. 

48:Have you ever used it?
Never, will I use a chat up line!

49:Last time you hung out with someone?
It was actually last weekend! This week was crazy! I worked mad hours, late nights all week and trained most days too so all my spare time was taking up doing that.

50:What are your aspirations?
 Short term: I want to continue to work hard on my fitness and continue to loose weight and improve my over all health and well being, that said, I feel the healthiest and happiest I have ever been! And then,
Long term: I would like to see my blog do really well and I'll continue to work hard and put as much time into it as possible. I also want to take back up the key board as mentioned above and I want to travel! There are so many places I want to see and that's definitely on my bucket list.

So there you have it, thank you so much for reading my latest post, The TMI Tag. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Later this week I look forward to bringing you my first post on my daily skin care routine and show you how I look after my skin.

Much Love,

Amy xo 


  1. Lovely post Amy although I knew all the answers (and even the one you wouldn't tell us )! Love ur blog xxx

    1. Aw thanks hun and you know me far too well LOL better than I know myself some days xxx delighted you like it xx

  2. Good Blog Amy! Looking forward to reading more.. :-) Well done!