Monday, 21 April 2014

My Typical Work Day Diet. 1st Edition.

Hello Friends.

So as you all know I'm new to the blogging world and so far I am loving it! But its very much a trial and error situation when it comes to what I choose to write about and I'm gonna blog a typical day of my diet as often as I can- be it good, bad or terrible ha! And I hope it goes down well. I love reading these types of blogs myself. I had intended on posting this much earlier in the week but it was a hectic week for me both in my career and personal life and I could barley get a minute to myself. It wasn't the best day for me diet wise and you'll see why from the start.

Okay first catastrophic mistake was missing breakfast. The reason being, I was in work a half hour earlier than normal but forgot to adjust my alarm and unfortunately it was my diet that suffered. God forbid my hair or makeup would ;), but there you go. Honesty. Under any other circumstances I would grab rice cakes and/or fruit and eat them on the way to work but this morning I was a little bit stressed with one thing or another and forgot to take them with me. I made it to work on time though. :)

So I get my tea break at around 11am which I think is a perfectly fine time to eat breakfast, if you weren't working and had been doing nothing until then, however my body has been on the go over 5 hours now, having woke at 5:45am.  I find this can be detrimental when it comes to making a bad choice of food but this morning I didn't do too bad. Here's what I had:

Fruit salad

And some yoghurt raisins and nuts

and water

For lunch, which is normally around 3:30pm I had:

Savory rice and chicken. This is a dried rice that Erin make. I discovered this in slimming world and find it very handy. I cook it in the microwave. It's low in fat and calories then I add some roasted skinless chicken to try up my protein intake.

Afterwards I had a few strawberries and yoghurt and more water ;) Strawberries and yogurt would be a favourite of mine and I always opt for the muller light yoghurts. Which (most of the time) are on offer individually or on offer in their multi pack ;) I'm always looking out for the bargains LOL

Then for dinner at around 7:30pm I had lasagne, roast potatoes and salad. I love Italian food, pasta, lasagne etc... This is a meal I'd have once a week maximum and more water. ;)

My sister came over and we celebrated her 24th birthday so of course there was cake! How adorable is this cake? My nephew told my mam he wanted to buy a princess cake for his mammy (he's 3) so his nanny came through with this beautiful cake and he was delighted to see his mammy get it.

  So for desert:

On a side note, I don't eat desert everyday in fact very rarely do I, I would on special occasions or if I go out for a meal which is not very often, although it would be my favourite course in a meal (guilty pleasure) :) 

My water intake was over 2 litres which is what I aim for every day. I've cut back fizzy drinks almost completely, maybe at the weekends I might have a diet coke or if I'm on a night out and I'm having a few vodkas and white ;) I'm definitely partial to a cup of tea but today it was only water and with the finer weather coming hot drinks for me will be cut right down to a minimum. 

My next daily diet installment will cover what I eat on my day off typically. There wouldn't be a huge difference but I would have more time to put more effort into what I eat and I would often meet a friend for dinner or lunch ;)

I hope you liked reading a typical day in my diet. I definitely could have made better choices throughout the day but this was a very hectic week for me. Easter week in retail is ALL GO! And if your not organised you'll pay the price :) 

Thanks for reading,

Much Love,

Amy xo

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