Sunday, 13 April 2014

Getting Active.

Hello Friends.

So this evening I thought I'd bring you a little something on my journey with getting active over the last year.

I'll be doing regular posts on keeping active but I'll fill you in on the basics so far ;)
Okay so, in all honesty the most active I have ever been in my life was perhaps the double PE class we had in school which stopped by fifth year. And I was 17. So here I am 29 and have done very little in between then and last year to keep myself active. Occasionally I went walking and I did a boot camp circuit style training class for a few months. But true to form that dwindled. So at the very beginning 2013, I decided that's its now or never! I joined slimming world within the first week of January 2013, to improve my diet and eating habits dramatically. I heard of so much success being had by people around me and decided it was worth a go. Slimming world worked wonders for me, unfortunately due to the hours I work making the class every week is next to impossible sometimes, so it was a commitment that I couldn't stick too. So I knocked it on the head plus I'd found something that worked for me better. I started working with a personal trainer.

When I went for my first training session and assessment with my trainer I was so nervous, I think the reason for that was a mixture of not knowing what to expect and my true fitness levels being surfaced for the first time. Inside I felt I was being tested. Again saying to myself 'now or never'. But from the start, I knew straight away I was in a space where I wasn't being judged and working along side a person who genuinely wanted to help me without prejudice.
From the start I knew this was going to be a battle. I started on a training mission to change my lifestyle, a lifestyle of 29 years. Some of the earlier sessions saw me struggle walking 100 yards being killed by shin splints and wanting to give up!! And getting frustrated and pissed off with myself because I felt I couldn't break down the barrier. But through a lot of motivation, determination and the belief from a professional that 'I could do it' I'm now jogging! Something this time last year I never would have even contemplated. The sessions are still just as difficult as they were on day 1 but that's the point ;) But the rewards just get better and better. It's the best feeling in the world watching the numbers on the scales and measuring tape come down and its an even nicer feeling seeing the number come down on my clothes and having a few wardrobe clear outs to make way for new smaller clothes. I now turn to walking rather than food to clear my mind. I love walking!! I've discovered new routes around my town that I love to use on a regular basis. Places I never knew existed, right on my door step.  I get a kick from working out! Its my favourite thing to do. Exercise will always be part of my routine. It is hard some weeks to fit it in but I've learnt to prioritise it. 4 hours out of my 7 day week is what I need to do to continue to change my life for the better. I'm doing this for me. Training has not just changed my life physically but mentally too. I feel stronger on the inside and my confidence is soaring.

Keep an eye out later in the week where I'll be giving a run down of my daily diet and training routine. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my first Getting Active post.

Much Love!

Amy xo 

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