Monday, 2 March 2015

Destination. DIRTY THIRTY

Hello Friends!

And welcome to a brand new blog post. This post is dedicated to me turning 30 in the next 7 days and how I have been feeling leading up to this milestone birthday. If you are a friend of mine you know I make no secret that I have a hard time dealing with getting 'older' and dealing with the fact that I will be no longer be a '20 something'. It's quite hard to swallow but there's always a bright side... Here's 30 things about being 30 in my world..... 

1: I pay my bills on time, because I care about my credit rating!
 2: I open ALL my post these days, because I care about my credit rating. LOL
 3: I dye my hair (my natural colour ha), because I want to hide the fact that my black locks are turning a whiter shade of grey revealing the fact I am truly getting older!
4: I buy candles and 'nice' stuff for my room, because I want to make it more homely.
Yankee garden sweet pea is my favourite scent!!
 5: I drink less, because well quite frankly  I can't drink any more, my body can't handle it. LOL
 6: My hangover lasts days, because sometimes the above fails. Epically. :) 
 7: My patience has changed. Its SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER.
 8:  I have a savings account. And there's 100 euro in it. haha.

9: I've opened a pension account. Really?..... (yeah)
 10: I've genuinely considered lying about me age, 'Yeah, I am 25, good guess'
 11: I stay in all the time, and it doesn't bother me in fact I get excited when I get to stay in and watch a DVD, especially when I have no work the next day and I get to stay up late!
 12: I get bothered by loud noise. 'Ma will you turn your radio down"!!!!! 
 13: I think about kids and family, all the time! WTF!! AND What a predicament that is.
 14: I bought my first anti ageing cream, because it is designed for 30-35 year olds!
15: My medical records shows that I visited my GP once between the age of 20 and 25, yeah that quadrupled every year since!! And I'm hoping to keep beating that record LOL NOT!! (kidding)

16: I take supplements. When I remember to take them. My body needs the extra boost it can't quite do for itself these days.... haha
18: I genuinely feel like I have had at least 2 'mid life' crisis in the last year. haha (sad times!) 
 19: T.M.I- My hormone levels need to be checked, quite regularly. Doctor says it O.K its all part of GETTING OLDER!!
20: I now need my glasses not just for for driving but for  watching tv, working on my lap top and if I want to see stuff more than 4 yards away from me!! So my eyes get tired... Its all good. haha
21: I get many questions asked about my relationship status. By complete strangers, I might add. 'So do u have a boyfriend?' 'Are you married yourself?....'
Just please, f~ck off.... LOL 
22: I started wearing 2 pairs of socks EVERY SINGLE DAY cos my tootsies get real cold! If I don't wear 2 pairs it's a serious dilemma to my day ha.
23: I have a found a new love. Its cooking AND baking. Its what I do when I stay in on a Saturday night. I got a bit overly excited at the sight of ALL the new bakewear Dealz has got in. You heard it here first! I used to hate cooking.... haha

24:My back hurts everyday.
26: My feet hurt everyday.
27: My knees even hurt everyday!!
 28: Technology, CONFUSES ME. Like really bad!! Man I feel like an old lady some days. haha

29: My friends are getting married some even got married like 4 years ago!!
 30: 30 is a real number. ARGHHHH!!!!!!!

So guys there you have it. 30 things about turning 30. Its hard to swallow. I'm not going to lie. I hope that my fear of getting older will subside eventually but on the positive, I wouldn't change my life for all the tea in China. I have the most wonderful friends and amazing family. I have a secure job, I have been working in for 14 years. I have my blog and I love to write although I would like more time to do it. I made a conscious decision to take better care of myself when I was 28 and I have kept that promise to myself. I plan on keeping up my fitness regime. I have many many goals I want to achieve, and I damn well will make sure I achieve them. I honestly feel I found my passion over the last year so there's a big blank space to watch put for over the coming months. So overall turning 30 is exciting. I look forward to what my future holds. Lots and lots on the horizon.

I hope you had fun reading this. I had fun writing it and I will be back very soon with a new post.

Much Love,

Amy xo

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