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2014 Favourites. Part 1.

Hello Friends!

So today I have for you my 2014 random favouites. In this post I'll be filling you in on everything I have been loving from TV shows to my favourite blogs and bloggers in 2014.

Let's get this show on the road!


I don't get a lot of time to watch TV. I love the soaps Corrie being my favourite but even at that I don't follow it as I just don't have the time. However I have picked 3 TV shows that I love to watch, be it on DVD boxsets, Netflix or I'll catch it on the players. :)

The Big Bang Theory
As mentioned in a previous monthly favourites I just love The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper is my favourite TV character. Portrayed by Jim Parsons, he is a natural and has won many awards for his work. In fact I love all the characters. This is like my feel good TV show. It always puts me in a good mood cos its just so damn funny. The cast mesh so well. And wait for it!!! The new series starts on E4 on 13th January! If I can't catch it on the box I'll catch on the E4 player. Cannot wait!  

Orange is the new Black
I think I watched the first 2 seasons on a weeks holidays during the Summer (when I had very little to be doing ha) and I can't wait for the third series to appear on Netflix coming in June I believe. My favourite charcater is Poussy! Samira Wiley plays Poussey, pronounced ''Pooosay'' in case your mind is in the gutter haha. Wiley, I believe will blow up on our screens big and small because her acting is on point. Poussey is the most adorable female character plus she is just so cute! Don't be fooled by all the hype you hear around Orange is the new Black, that being it is full of lesbian sex, it couldn't be further from. Yes its in it, albeit a very small part of it but each episode tells an inmates story and it will have you captivated in no time.

LoveHate is in my opinion one of the best dramas Irish TV has ever produced. Based on criminality in Dublin LoveHate pulls out all the stops on giving us a scary insight of what actually goes on in the underworld. Although the show is purely fixtional. I own the entire box set and I can't wait to get round to watching it again. When LoveHate airs you barely go a day without it being mentioned by someone. Rumour has it that it will not reappear on our screen until 2016 and in what capacity, we don't know. Having being left on a major cliff hanger in the last episode, who knows what will happen? Either way the guys over at RTE did good commissioning this drama and off course credit to the shows writer Stuart Carolan. Excellent job.


 This wasn't a hard choice at all.

Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles
I didn't go to see too many movies this year but this one is the stand out. I LOVED the mutant turtles when I was a kid, I was obsessed with the cartoon so seeing this was nostalgic for me. It was brilliant from start to finish and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD so I can chill with my nephew and watch it together. It's funny, sad and full of action. The special affects are excellent in it. I have the most vivid memory of my dad surprising me with a pencil case set when I was in senior infants!! It was one of those metal box pencil cases.


I am a huge fan if music and coming up on my blog in 2015 I will be doing album reviews. So trying to pick a favourite singer, band, album and song was tough so I just went with my gut. Here's what I have been loving in music throughout 2015.


Queen B! Beyonce has to be. I listened to her album over and over again and I watched her visual album over and over again. Beyonce just keeps getting better and better.


One Republic
Also mentioned in a previous monthly favourites, One Republic in my opinion is one of the best bands around right now. Lead singer Ryan Tedder is one of the hottest singer/songwriter/producer of our time you are probably listening to his song on the radio without even knowing he's the man behind it.

This self titled album released by my favourite singer, Beyonce spent a lot of time playing in my car throughout last year. Released in December 2013, I'm still not sick of listening to it. It's the 5th album to be released by Beyonce! My favourite songs on it are Superpower, Pretty Hurts and Flawless! I love to videos to each of these tracks too. 


Up Town Funk
Hands Down!!! Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars killing it with this number. Probably my favourite song of the century! 2 major talents creating a musical master piece. I know it was right at the end of 2014 when this was released but it trumps any other song when I was going through my collection of 2014 favs. And yeah Fleur East did a great job doing her version on the X Factor but please don't even compare them.


Gone Girl
Well its the only book I have read and I'm still reading it so watch this space for a review. Hint: Its good!


Long Island Iced Tea
Oh there where many a night when I had one too many of these, particularly during the Summer. Just looking at this picture makes me thirsty for one.


The Kardashians
Famous for being famous I know but I got hooked on their reality TV shows and all there social media well their instagram accounts ha. It was only really in 2014 I started watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on E! Just watching random episodes. What have I been missing out on LOL 


With time I will start a Youtube channel perhaps not within this year but at the moment I'm going to aim for 2016 and bring Amicia Glow to YouTube (just putting it out there into the universe). As I have mentioned I don't watch TV a lot but every single day I manage to get a little bit of YouTube in ha. Be it when I get home or sitting in my car on my lunch hour. I am subscribed to many channels but truth be known it wasn't hard picking my favourites. 

Lily Pebbles
I began watching YouTube channels about 3 years ago and from the start Lily Pebbles has been one of my favourite YouTubers. I love her style, tips and personality and she is the only YouTuber whos vlogmas I watched in its entirety. Her videos are of super high quality and I love the content in each and everyone. She is very talented when is comes to editing. She is so down to earth and completely herself on camera. I really hope she get the subscribers she deserves. 

Picture credited to Lily Pebbles

Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy is one of those people who I could listen to ALL DAY. She has such a cute voice and she is so modest. I would love to meet her in person. I love her channel because she covers everything from fashion and beauty to healthy food recipes and her personality is captivating. Plus shes Irish! I also commend her skin care videos. Thanks to her I am an avid user of coconut oil now!

Picture credited to Melanie Murphy

Dramatic Mac
Another Irish Youtuber! I have been watching Aislinns channel for about a year now and I love her taste in everything she brings to her channel. I love her makeup tutorials although they may not be to my taste and look, I get loads and loads of inspiration from them. I also love her hauls and monthly favourite vids. I look forward to them!

 Picture credited to Dramatic Mac

One of the first regular channels I started watching was Zoella. I love both Zoe Suggs channels. Zoella and MoreZoella, now there was a time she was my queen of YouTube but something threw me off and I think it's the fact the novel she released  (Girl Online) was ghost written. I know that happens quite alot when it comes to celebrities writing books but this left a sour taste in my mouth and I wasn't going to part with 15 euro for a book that was ghost written when I completely thought she wrote it herself. Nonetheless she still made it into my 2014 favourite Youtubers. I love her vlogs and some of my favourite videos throughout the year where came from Zoe.

Picture credited to Zoe Sugg

Clare Marshall
My style queen. If I could steal anybodys style it would be Clare Marshalls. She is just so cool. I've been watching her videos for a while now. She is effortless on the camera and her videos are always flawless, compared to some YouTubers whos videos can be quite messy. Even her apartment is amazing. Every girls dream.

Picture credited to Clare Marshall

And last but not least. The reason why I love blogging.

Chatterbox is the only blog where I will literally creep on facebook to catchup on posts I may have missed as I hate to miss anything this blog has to offer. Chatterbox is the ultimate beauty blog and my best friend Anita is the brains behind it along with partner Gemma. Now I know its easy for me love a blog my best friend writes but if I wasn't to know her I would still love the blog the same. I love her style of writing. I have other friends who write and as much as I like them I don't like the style in which they write (I won't mention their blogs here ha) Anita's posts uplift ya. They are always positive and I want to buy everything she recommends! Job done! ;) I also owe Anita so much as she played a huge part in helping me with my blog and thereafter with inspiration too. So I don't just want to make a success of my blog for me but for her too. I am so excited to see what Chatterbox has to offer in 2015 and no doubt Chatterbox will just get bigger and bigger.

Picture credited to Anita Coote and Gemma Burke

And welcome Marlife. Marlon Jimenez-Compton started his blog aswel at the beginning of last year and oh my, has it gone from strength to strength and he deserves every piece of success he is receiving. I like to spend my Sunday mornings catching up on blogs and Marlife is the first blog I hit. I feel like I got to know Marlon through his blog. He shared some of his story with us during the Summer and I was moved reading it. He also wrote it in parts, so needless to say I couldn't wait to read the next installment. He covers everything from love and sex to body dysmorphia not forgetting to mention some beautifully written artcicles he has wrote about friends of his. I have spoke to Marlon on occasions via facebook and he has a heart of gold, its as big as his blog is becoming and will be in the future and I wish him every success with it. I feel honoured to have chatted with him and got advice of him on my own blog. Marlon is a huge inspiration to me.

 Picture credited to Marlon Jimenez-Compton

Lily Pebbles
The only person who is my favourite youtubers and bloggers. I love her blog! She posts everyday and a lot of the time they are short and sweet.

Picture credit to Lily Pebbles

Sprinkle of Glitter
Louise Pentlands AKA Sprinkle of Glitters blog is more beauty and life style based. Much like my own. Louise is a fun filled, up for a a laugh gal. She has a gorgeous little girl who she features on her channel and blog too called Darcy or Baby Glitter (how cute is that!). Louise is also a role model for plus size beauties. She promotes a healthy body image and often creates look books for the curvier woman. While her style wouldn't be for me I can still appreciate what she does with outfits. She is a woman very much in her own skin and it shows. She is Zoe Suggs best friend. Their friendship kinda reminds me of me and my besties friendship, we are totally different like peanuts and chocolate but together it creates something beautiful.

 Picture credit to Louise Pentlands

A very recent discovery of mine and I cannot believe I haven't stumbled upon this blog sooner. Grace is a fellow Dubliner whos blog is based around beauty and lifestyle. Graces way of writing makes want to keep reading and reading. I love her product reviews and have already made some purchases upon her recommendations. She is a fabulous makeup artist, who's own makeup is always flawless. I also LOVE Graces YouTube channel FacesbyGrace23 she is a natural on the camera. I am looking forward to seeing what Grace has in store for us in 2015.

 Picture credited to Grace Mongey

So there you have it guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am so excited for 2015 and what my blog has in store for you.
Keep an eye out for my 2014 beauty and skin care favourites!
Much Love,
Amy xo

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  1. What Can I say...But a HUGE congratulations and and MASSIVE well done for your work. I like that you are current in the stuff you like and what you say and write has passion in it. Keep the good work. And thank you so much for the mention or Marlife and for feeling I am part of your journey. I am humbly touched. Any help you may need...I am very happy to contribute. Big hugs...with love...Marlon