Monday, 29 December 2014

2015 New Years Bucket List.

Hello Friends!

Well its that time of the year again to make the promises to ourselves and indeed others that will probably, maybe, fall by the way side come second week in January. But look our intentions are good and if anything I feel we should make some resolutions or as what I like to do, create a bucket list, that will make for some good changes in our life's big and small. 

Now, I am not blowing my own trumpet however I did make a bucket list around this time last year. So before I tell you my intention for 2015 let me tell you what I feel I achieved in 2015 in a few short sentences.

New car. Check.
New lap top. Check.
Start my blog. Check.
Take better care of myself. Check.
Go away on more weekend trips. Check.
Eat cleaner. Check.
Improve fitness. Check.
And finally the big one- loose weight. Check.

2014 for me was a year that I truly came into myself. I have let so much of the bull shhhh go. And by bull I mean I have learnt to let go of what people think and what people say and for some of us (me) we can only learn that the hard way. I am blessed, and I say it time and time again with my family and friends full stop. And I am even more grateful for those people who held significance in my life, leaving it, full stop. At one stage I thought my life would never be the same again when certain people left it, and yes it wasn't the same. It just got a whole lot better. 2014 was full of highs and some low lows as I am sure for everyone. But I am ready to take 2015 by the bull horns work, harder at achieving my goals big and small and this time next year I want to look back at this post smile and think I did good.

Ok so here are some goals of mine that I'm sure I'll be blogging about throughout the coming year.

I have lost a lot of weight this year but still not as much as I would of liked. So loosing weight has taken centre stage in my life, again. I have what I need at my feet to get it right. So watch this space. With that comes diet. In my possession is a 2015 dairy and its sole purpose is to keep track of what I eat every single day and with the help of my trainer I will nail my diet and shed the pounds I want to!!! 

I most definitely intend on spending more time with my family and friends over the coming months. Especially my dad, his beautiful wife and my 3 much younger siblings. Loosing a family member very recently just brought home for me how much I miss them. So I want to make a conscious effort of getting down to my dads at least once a month.

When it comes to my job I kill when it comes to time management. But when it comes to my personal life it all falls by the wayside. I work a 50 hour week and have 2 hours travel everyday and I manage to train 3 times a week too. But some weeks that's all I do. So. I want to make better use of my spare time so my intention above can be nailed.

We all love stuff. Don't we?.... Here are a few bits and pieces I would love and I'll work very hard to get them.
BUILD MY MAKEUP COLLECTION even though I might have too much makeup as it is I just can't resist there are at least 10 mac lipsticks with my name on them LOL

And my last new years resolution:
Laser Hair Removal. I'll blog about that at the time ;)

And obviously the good habits I got into this year I will continue with them in 2015. Life is for living so weather you have a bucket list or a f#ck-it list I wish you all the best in 2015 with yours. 

Much Love,

Amy xo

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