Tuesday, 21 July 2015



So I am upping the anti on my product reviews for my readers. I love doing them and I think they will be a good addition to my blog. And I am going to my very best to see they are budget friendly and only bring to you the products I think you will love and let you on on products that didn't go down to well with myself. My most recent product review was on Astral face and body cream so today I am bringing to you my first makeup review its on one of my favourite lipsticks and that is...

Rimmel Lasting Finish ASIA

I was on  the hunt for a nude lipstick to add to my collection. I had my heart set on Macs Angel (apparently Kim Ks favourite lipstick) and creme cup is on my to get list too. But I am no where near a Mac store or counter so my bestie, who is an amazing makeup artist recommended this for me. I have since got myself Mac angel also! I must say I have fallen in love with it from the moment I got it. To look at it in the bullet it doesn't look nude (well not  to me). Its almost border line purple however when applied it goes on very subtle and just gives a nice nude wash to the lips. It actually suits my fair skin tone perfectly.I own quite a few Kate Moss lippies but this is my first lipstick from the Rimmel Lasting Finish collection. And it retails for around 6 euro so I don't mind knocking this little baby around my hand bag. No fear of loosing it as it will be easily replaced. A definite permanent product in my stash of makeup. I wear this both during the day and would rock it going out at night with a smoky eye too.



-Lovely creamy formula.

-Not expensive at all plus Rimmel will always have some sort of offer on!


-Just the packaging on these lipsticks could be a bit more exciting. I know I know, I'm a fuss pot LOL I just feel they could avail of nicer packaging as they are so good!

I hope this may have been helpful guys!! A nice bitta Tuesday night reading. Go on treat yourself to this! You won't be sorry.

Much Love!

Amy xo

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