Sunday, 26 July 2015

''Its not a diet, its not a phase, its a lifestyle change''.

Hey guys,

Those of you that follow me will have read my weight loss journey posts so far you would know that I haven't shared a post with you in a while but fear not I am here to fill you in on the goings on in that little, sorry I mean HUGE part of my world and that is my weight loss and fitness journey. First of all thank you all who followed me in my 8 week little black dress challenge (my most recent posts weight loss related) I have nothing similar planned, just my usual personal training sessions and classes so I'll be bringing you regular updates on my blog just like before. YAY!

So here it is guys!! My weight loss is at STAND STILL the last couple months however my training is not- no pun intended!! So I am going to cut to the chase and tell you all that reason my weight loss hasn't been continuing is down to my eating and slipping back into old habits!! FACT. Its not lack of training, my trainer tells me that my fitness levels are good but the food I have been choosing to eat is just not so good! Our food intake has so much to answer for!!. I have no excuse for you for it but I will tell you this. I am going to take drastic action this coming week in terms of my food intake and I am going to return to a plan that in the past worked wonders for me!! But you'll have to wait until next week to find out what that plan is!! 

Now while I would be loving to be telling you that I have lost more weight I can't because its just not the case. But whilst I haven't lost weight, I haven't put any on. Which in itself is an accomplishment especially for me when food is my form of 'comfort'. I put the maintaining of my weight down to the training which I still love!! I still train 3 days a week minimum! Sometimes up to 5 classes a week.

Its been VERY MUCH a roller coaster over the past 6 months. Where this year has gone so far? I don't know!! I have been working on myself the last few weeks guys and I feel I am ready to take my weight loss journey on again head on from all angles!! I know my trainer won't give up on me. Even though I had myself convinced at one stage he was going to throw in the towel on working with me (stupid self, stupid demons, convincing me so) but I know he's not about to give up one me- ever, I would be lost without him!! And my family and friends still have my back 100%! They continue to support me and love me no matter what. They encourage me and remind me why I started and how much I want it. And finally I'm not about to give up on me! I'm ready to work harder than ever before. We all get our blips or phases and in this process its hard not to avoid them. But its game back on!! So watch this space.

I'll leave you on this quote! My mantra.
Thanks for reading guys. 
I'll be back soon,
Amy xo     

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