Monday, 29 September 2014

Marathons and Battle Ropes.

Hello Friends,

First of all let me thank you all for taking the time to read this. Your support truly means the world and as much I want to dish out more blog posts it's just not possible for many reasons, the main being besides working a 50 hour week, my training and over all well being has taking priority in my life which I'm sure you will agree is essential. But as soon as the dust settles and I'm in a steady routine with my training commitments and everything else in between, I'll be dedicating a little snippet of time every week to update my blog. :)

SO!!- I have put my name down for a 5K marathon coming up in November. Me?... Yep that is correct. This once far distant dream of walking a marathon has become a reality. But before I get into that, I thought I would give an update on where I am on my training and weight loss journey. Okay, so as I previously mentioned I have started working with a new personal trainer. I see him once a week and attend his body conditioning classes twice a week, while also getting in my own walking/running. The one to one session is quite gruelling (in a good way). My body is being pushed into a whole new space, that some days it doesn't quite know what is happening to it. I am working along side a person who will not for one second listen to me being negative. There is no such thing as 'I can't' its only 'I can and I will, now' and you know what? It's working. And being constantly reminded to smile during a tough session, despite my body wanting to cry, helps a great deal too. :) Its tough as nails but its my mental block that's tougher to break down so learning to separate my head from my body (I know you get what I mean) is the best remedy for getting through my killer sessions. During the sessions, I almost feel like there is not a hope in hell I'll be able to do this again but by the end my good endorphins are racing and I feel incredible. I leave on a work-out high. ;)  The body conditioning classes are just as tough. I never thought I would feel comfortable working out amongst other people without feeling like and looking like the least fittest person there, but to hell with that attitude. I have learnt that while everyone is there for themselves we are all there for the same reason, be it weight loss, toning or to improve our general fitness (all of which are the reason why I am there). So who cares if I am the least fittest? I have also discovered I really enjoy thump boxing, that will  be on my bucket list for 2015, maybe take up a beginners class if I could find one to fit in amongst my already hectic life.  And as for battle ropes, well I never even new, these even existed and I don't think we will ever be friends haha but hey they're doing the job LOL. What are they? Very heavy long ropes you create waves with. Incredibly difficult but affective. I don't get a single day where I don't have some sort of post work out burning or pain and I don't want a day without said pain because I know it's bringing me closer to my goals and getting me results fast.

So I am only too thrilled to have put my name down for a marathon coming up in November. My trainer told me to start putting my name down for marathons coming up and true to form I didn't quite look into it the way I should of because to be quite frank I just felt like I wasn't 'there' yet but something has popped up and I'm fairly confident I'll walk my first 5K marathon with pride so watch this space. I have already started to train for it. Feels so good to be training for something worth while that actual athletes train for and mark my words, be it next year or the year after that or even the year after that I will run a marathon. I'm laying down the gauntlet because its one of my best motivators.

I thought I would throw in something different, a few of my nearest and dearest have asked me a few questions about how personal training has helped and affected me so I thought I would share them with you ;)

What makes you want to give up? (Thanks Jess LOL)
Everything. I get days where I would use the most miserable excuse to not get my training in. And it has happened quite a lot in the past, but not as much now, but for sure I have wanted to give up. These excuses include, I'm too tired (always a good one after a 10 hour shift), I have too much to do when I get home (yeah, watch tv, work out on my lap top), I worked out enough yesterday (when I didn't) or else it would be my head that gets in the way, (I'm just not in the mood) and I get days where I feel I'll NEVER get to where I want to be and sometimes that's enough to make me want to give up! But I always surpass these feelings and get my ass into gear and get training. I have never regretted a work out, but I beat myself up when I don't work out and that is the worse feeling ever!! 

In what ways do you think having a personal trainer has helped you in working towards achieving your goals?
Well this is easy. Its only really my trainer who understands what I need to do to achieve my goals and he is giving me the motivation during sessions to bring me one step closer to my goals, all the time. And it's only my trainer who completely understands the difficulty behind reaching these goals.  He is only ever a text away if I am struggling, be it with food or exercise and he regularly reminds me of this. For me, this is what I need to do achieve my goals and create the life style I want and need. 

Would you recommend a personal trainer to someone who doesn't need to loose weight?
From my experience so far, definitely! Its not just people who want to loose weight who work with PTs. I have spoken with girls over the last few months who are working with PTs to tone and shape themselves better and believe it or not one girl even wanted to gain weight!  So its most definitely for everyone! 

Do I enjoy it?
Absolutely! I look at it now as a hobby more than anything. I look forward to it. I feel like I owe it to myself to enjoy it and take every bit of positivety from it as possible. I never had a hobbie growing up so getting my fitness levels up to par is a good place to start in getting a hobbie further down the line . This is only the beginning. The worlds my oyster!

Is it difficult?
Yep! Through and through and it if it ever gets easy then I am not doing it right.


If you are in the position to hire yourself a personal trainer because like me you want to loose weight, I would highly recommend you do so. It costs good money but if you want whats good for you and want to put your money into something worth while then this is it. I started working with a personal trainer over a year ago and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself and working with Sean over the last 8 weeks and getting the results I did made me so happy, the kinda happy you experience if you pass a really tough exam because you have put your heart and soul into it, the kind of happy you only get from working your ass off to get results. Watch this space. I am addicted to these results now and I only want more, better results. If not, then why not try out some classes? Again I couldn't recommend these more. There does be a great buzz and atmosphere amongst the classes I attend and trust me you will love them too.

I just want to give a small shout out to the girls who messaged me telling me I am motivating them getting back into fitness. Again never thought I would see the day where I would receive such messages. I was more than happy to receive them and they gave me an extra push too. Feel free to leave me any comments or messages here or on Facebook. I'll be more than happy to hear from you too. 

I know I am doing the right thing in keeping with my personal trainer. I'm well and throughly on the road to a healthier, happier and slimmer Amy.

Much Love,
Live happy, live healthy

Amy xo

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