Monday, 25 August 2014

Beautiful you go with all your might.

Hello Friends,

I got a sharp dose of reality last week. I have had a couple of nasty comments passed to me over the last few weeks by complete strangers and I don't think I dealt with it quite the way I should of. It's not good to keep such things to yourself, even if you do think you are stronger than some strangers moronic ignorance. I can't quite put my finger on what triggered my mini melt down during the week, I feel sometimes I get too much in my own head haha, if that makes any sense, because I completely lost sight of why I even began to change my lifestyle for the better. Maybe it was a combination of everything over the last month or so. I have been thought that I have to feel the bad in order to feel the good. The day before my aunty's wedding a couple weeks ago I had a very derogatory comment passed to me while out shopping the day before and it stuck with me. So much so, that even though I felt really good at my aunty's wedding I have not one photo of me in my dress and shoes, because I wasn't in a picture taking mood, me, normally the queen of a selfie. I am annoyed with myself over that because I put a lot of effort into making sure I looked picture perfect. But you know, I feel this is part of the process and I shouldn't of let a stupid small minded and judgemental individual dampen my spirit, so lesson learnt. Still was the best wedding I have ever been to, minus my head to toe pic ha.

I knew that going through this weight loss and life style change process would be tough, I am now working out for over a year and putting a lot of  focus and energy into it but it was last week my emotions decided to run high and find no where else to go but through my eye balls. I'll give a quick update on where it's all at. I have finished up working with my trainer, whom I was working with over a year. It's very daunting as I'm not one who settles into new spaces with ease, in fact it takes so much effort it's nearly exhausting but I have started a journey and to hell if I am going to stop now. I am now working with someone new, I am feeling more positive and motivated than ever and I am already seeing results. I have made DRASTIC changes to my diet and truth be known these changes are long over due, I'll be doing a blog post soon on that soon, I keep a food diary now so I will be sharing that here and I am already see the benefits of a clean diet in my skin and energy levels. I am keeping it very strict, 6 out of 7 days and then having one day where I just let go and 'treat' myself. I could never explain how much our diets have to answer for! I honestly feel the better my diet the better my life. Now onto the present. I am back on track with my game face on. Its all to live for and work for and I know I'll kick ass this week, one day at a time.

I feel stronger than ever and I finished the week off with a smile, having spent last night with my bestie. Dinner and nails, it was amazing hehe. Check out her work, isn't she so very very talented!!! Love this nail colour! Its called cosmopolitan (I love that) My inner girly girl is in love with these nails. hehe

So there you have it my lovelies. It was a roller coaster week in fact month. But I have come out the other side smiling, motivated and ready for more!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading my post.

Much Love,

Amy xo


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