Sunday, 20 July 2014

What I would Tell my 16 Year old Self.

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all keeping well and are in great form this beautiful Sunday evening. So this evening I bring to you a post saying exactly what it says in the title and it's what I would tell my 16 year old self. I came across similar blogs on blog lovin' and videos on You Tube and it got me thinking, what would I tell my 16 year old self?...
1: Don't be afraid of who you are! You are perfect in your own way and you don't need justification.

2:Don't allow how other people think affect you. They don't matter! Don't let them define you. If they have a problem it belongs to them not you.

3:Keep working hard at your studying in school. I know you struggle with the books and people don't quite realise that, but keep at it.

4: Drown out the negativity that is around you. I know you have been trying this for a couple of years now and it's working.  

5: Go out walking more. You will not believe the benefits that this could have for you when you hit your 20's. And you will love it!!

6:Embrace your self more and don't be bullied into something you're not. People are shallow but you will let go of this sooner than you think.

7:Look after yourself more diet wise. The sooner you sort this out the easier it will be. ;)

 8: Use sun cream more!! When you're abroad and in the blistering heat literally, top up that sun cream ALL THE TIME! You have skin a whiter shade of pale and it will love you for it.

9: Call your Dad more. You will still be telling yourself this in many many years.

10: Save more!! You earn good money girl. Spend wisely LOL :)
11: Don't be pressured into anything you don't want to do just because everybody else is doing it!! You will learn the value in this lesson the hard way but you will be happy you did. xo

12:Do more of what you love. Find your passion.

13: Be true to yourself more with the little things, clothes, make up etc... You know who you are! You have known a long time so don't cover her up with clothes and makeup, you know aren't you. Wait until you unleash the real you!  You're world is going to turn upside down, in the best way possible.

14:Don't be so shy! People love you for you. But let yourself go more.

15: Find a hobby that you love! This will be something you will always regret if you don't.

16: Sweet 16 and perfect in you're own way. Time will go by fast so much quicker than ya think so live it up, be gracious and be bold. You will do well.

In the photos above the first one I am on a family holiday and the second one was taken at my dads wedding. Good old disposable cameras! My apolgies the quality in them isn't great ;).

Truth be known. I still have to remind myself of certain things listed above but I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and whats meant to be won't pass us by. I have a great life. Great friends. A wonderful family and I have no regrets, well no serious regrets I would love to take up another hobby, I love blogging! But I have my heart set on learning how to bake and learning a new instrument. The skies the limit right?...

I hope you enjoyed reading this. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Thank you so much for giving this your time and reading my post. 

Much Love,

Amy xo

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