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'If you're thin, You're not coming in!!!'

Hello friends.

I pondered over what to call this blog post for ages. Please keep reading ;)...

So I came across an article the other day (link is just below), a girl by the name of Sallie Axl blasting 'The only way is Essexs' Gemma Collins for 'Glamourising self harm'. 

Okay lets break it down, who is Sallie Axl? I had no idea neither, but she was a contestant on Big Brother 14 and was the first house mate to be evicted, thought I might throw that in. I stopped watching Big Brother when it moved to channel 5 but I think most are familiar with the concept of the program. Axl is not her real surname and she is also a mother to a little girl. When I googled Sallie 'Axl' nothing but cheap gossipy headlines popped up plus, I would never judge anyone on how they look but if you're going to attack someone on their appearance in any way shape or form then maybe you should take a closer look in the mirror and make sure that you're 'perfect' first. Nothing but cheap provocative images also popped up, I considered not even posting her picture on my blog because to be quite frank I was finding it inappropriate. But that's not what I'm trying to get at here. In fact I think she is raising a very valid point, only in a very mean way!! Here is a relatively respectable image of her.

I would say you have heard of Gemma Collins or recognise her. I have never been an avid watcher of TOWIE but I would be fairly familiar with Gemma Collins, its funny the one episode I do remember watching, Collins was having hypnosis to help with her diet and weight loss and God knows when that episode aired.  Whenever I see Collins photographed in magazines she always looks flawless. She was snapped working out, and in fairness who looks cute when their working out? I know what I must look like, not a pretty sight!! And off course the paparazzi got the most unflattering takes of her but personally I find them very motivating. It's real life and it's what you have to do to get into shape. 

Now back to the subject in hand. Collins has opened up a plus size boutique and is basically holding a sign in the door way saying 'If you're thin, You're not coming in!!!' hence the title of this post.

Its clear to see that Collins embraces her curvier figure and if anything she promotes a 'body love' image. I certainly don't think for one minute that the sign she is holding is an attack against the thinner woman. 
Here's my opinion as a curvier woman. There are so many shops and boutiques out there that cater for the thinner woman, right down to a size 'zero'. However this not the case for the fuller figured woman and even though the average boutique, that carry up to a size 16 max, may not have a sign hanging outside there door saying 'If you're fat, you can't come in' we know we can't shop in them stores, we just don't have a blatant sign telling us we can't. I wouldn't step foot in an average boutique unless I'm shopping with a friend because there wouldn't be a hope in hell I would find something in my size. Yes, there are some shops that cater for the fuller figure woman, some of which I personally love but that's it. I don't believe she is being prejudice or setting a bad example or glamorising self harm in any way shape or form she's doing this for her fellow curvier girl, empowering her fellow curvier girl because there is not many out there who do! And it may be in a very frank way, but c'mon it is a just a bit of fun, and I feel Collins is just hitting back at the many, many boutiques and shops that don't stock plus size clothes. It is also highly likely shes only stocking plus size clothes too.

Axl does make a good point in the article with her very mean tongue, but I think it gets shaded, here's a piece I took from it, 
'She is cashing in on making the morbidly obese look so-called fabulous.
Is she glamorising self-harm by covering up this food addiction… an addiction which at its extreme encourages people to EAT THEMSELVES TO DEATH?
Why is this topic not being addressed with the same severity as anorexia?'
Now very harsh words and I would completely disagree with the first part stating she is cashing in on making the morbidly obese look so called fabulous! I'm sorry but that is the most ridiculous statement to make. Clothes are there to be worn regardless of size. Evidently, clothes designers and manufacturers are cashing in on the sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, & 16 left right and centre so I don't understand Axls issue of Collins setting up a plus size boutique. And the final part of the statement 'Why is the topic not being addressed with the same severity as anorexia' And this, my friends is what I am trying to get at...

Forget about the sign Collins is holding, we all have our opinion on that. I want to get at Axl comparing anorexia to obesity. Are these not 2 severe forms of eating disorders?! (okay I know both can be down to medical reasons too) But moving away from that and facing the fact that a lot of the time it's not. I agree with Axl, I feel that anorexia is dealt with a lot more sympathetically and to be honest, dealt with more seriously. Take any of the many programs that air featuring people who are obese. I can't even bring myself to watch them anymore! I just feel they make a mockery of people who are over weight and trying to over come it. Whereas when I watch a documentary on anorexia, it's dealt with in such a way that you totally empathise with people in their situation. At the end of the day it doesn't take a lay man to know that you become obese by over eating and you become anorexic by under eating (bet ya never heard that term before, under eating but I'm sure you have heard over eating) And I just feel that the obesity epidemic that is well and truly on our hands is one that could be dealt with a lot better, this is my opinion from personal experience. I have been working my ass of the last year with a personal trainer and working very hard on my diet to get fitter and healthier and to loose a few dress sizes. But I have sat in front of doctors over the past few years and felt belittled from the way they spoke to me regarding my weight, despite all the work I have put in, and you know what?, It doesn't make my weight loss journey any easier, it doesn't give me the 'I'll show them' attitude. In fact what I will say is, it does the complete opposite, it just knocks me back a few days, maybe even  weeks. Days of blood, sweat and tears wasted because of one consultation that left me feeling like crap. And it is not acceptable to be made feel that way, even if they do think it's 'for my own good' I'm also gonna tell ya that 'comfort eating' is not that comfortable!! Imagine the one thing in life that is meant to sustain ya is the cause of your health being in jeopardy, albeit its the abuse of it, that is causing your weight issues, food.

In anyways I wanted to bring this to you today. I'll take away my soap box and get back to my job at hand ;). Sallie Axls article struck a cord with me I just wanted to create awareness from a different point of view.

I hope you enjoyed reading this some what more serious piece, this is my opinion and I'm not trying to force it onto you.

Much Love,

Amy xo    

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