Sunday, 4 October 2015

Makeup and Hair Masterclass- a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Hello Friends!!

So today I am bringing you a post dedicated to my first ever makeup and hair masterclass I attended. It was so damn good I think it deserved a post all to itself.

OK lets start at the start, shall we? I was delighted to see Anita Coote from and Louise Farrel from Ballyfermot school of hairdressing organise this masterclass. I know they are both amazing teachers and it was my pleasure to put my name down for it and attend the class!

Waking up on a miserable Sunday morning after a tough night (ahem) babysitting LOL I was thrilled to be doing something totally out of the ordinary and after the week I had had, lets just say I needed a pick me up and thus this was the perfect distraction. My mind could focus on something totally different and I knew I was going to get great enjoyment out of it!  A makeup and hair masterclass?! Yes please!!

So off I popped makeupless and in my comfy jeggings, new tshirt and vans- typical Amy style and I left my house a little bit early so I could have the chats with Anita before the class started, being my best friend and all, we wanted a bit of a catch up however- the traffic was mental due to an accident and at one stage I genuinely thought I wasn't going to make the class at all!! I live 60 miles away from Dublin which on a Sunday morning would see me get to Dublin in my car in less than an hour but once something like this happens- you're screwed well (I'm screwed ha) LOL but thankfully I got there, a few minutes late but nonetheless safe and sound and genuinely hoping no one was seriously hurt in the accident I had passed!!

So I was so thrilled to have arrived, running a tiny few minutes late (like 15) and I just made it, that I didn't miss anything! Anita (makeup teacher) was just about to begin the demonstration on a gradient smoky eye and a full colour pop smoky eye and I was dying to see how both these makeup looks are done are done by a professional! Eye makeup is my favourite makeup to apply I love how it can change up your look entirely. And off course Anita set out on showing us how to create a perfect base, how to perfect our brows and probably my favourite thing to take from the master class- contouring and more importantly how to correct it!

So here are just some of the tips that I LEARNT and will forever use in my makeup application!!

It is so important! But I knew that anyways, however its also very important to let your moisturiser seep in. Give it a few minutes, otherwise we're not gonna get the same affect from the foundation we should.

I never knew that concealer would work just aswell as a primer on the eyes as an actual eye primer but here's the catch you have to powder it! I am dying to give this a shot.

***BROW GEL***
I love me some brow gel! But I found out that Vaseline works just aswell as leading brow gels!

Using a bronzer to transition your eye shadows works a treat- this was an amazing tip! Its works so well!!

Essential before applying under eye makeup! (I use to apply it after!!!!)

Just be told to have these to hand all the time!! They will correct nearly every little mishaps when it comes to applying eye make up!

Maybe a basic tip but I certainly didn't know this and its simple- contour what you want to push back and high light what you want to bring forward!! I have used this like everyday. I sculpt my cheek bones and I apply my highlight to all the areas I want noticed with that hope people think 'oh she looks well' LOL.

After Anita was finished with the demos we started to get to work on ourselves, putting all the tips to good use, whilst Anita went around everyone of us, giving us on personalized tips on how to get the look we want and what suits us best!

Anita also recommended a heap load of products for us. So here is my wish list which I have already started to tic off!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
L'Oreal True Match Foundation (tic)
Maekup Geek Eye Shadows (tic)
Inglot Gel Liner
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
NYX Jumbo Pencils one in black and one in white
Bourjois Soleil bronzer (tic)
Zig Zag Lashes
Duo Glue
Wet'n'Wild lippies (tic)
Makeup Revolution blush palette
Laura Mercier Under eye setting powder 

Guys a lot of the stuff mentioned on the above list is actually really very reasonable in price!! I have already got my hands on some of the stuff and I cannot wait to get my hands on the NYX jumbo eye pencils! #justsayin

Then in the second part of the master class Louise demonstrated for us simple and straight forward hair styles with very little effort. I have a mass of curly hair so I am very limited to what I can do with my hair but I am happy to keep too my usual simple styling. She also gave us some really helpful tips and tricks and the one that stuck with me...

All the basis of shampoos are the more or less the same. From a bottle that would cost you 30 euro to a bottle you would pick up for 2 euro! The trick to maintaining good hair is to simply switch up your shampoo!! So if you have been using the same shampoo for years ( I know some of you are LOL) Try a new one! I am already impressed. 

Keep scrolling guys for some pics of the day!



Then our goody bag. And this did not disappoint! Have a look see at what we got...

IMPRESS press on toe nails
WET'N'WILD eyeliner- in turquoise
WET'N'WILD cream shadow pencil- in Envie
WET'N'WILD lip gloss- in Rasp-berry Voice
PHYSICIANS FORMULA shimmer strips (amazing)
(Check out the swatches)

As goody bags go this one was certainly one of the best I have gotten! Everything in it will be put to good use and I am just loving the Physicians Formula shimmer strips!  

So there you have it guys. Thanks for reading. I hope I have convinced you to treat yourself to one of these masterclasses. I've got the bug to go do more! Anita and Louise couldn't have made us feel more welcome and I would highly recommend this class. 

Much Love,

Amy xo

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