Sunday, 8 June 2014

May Favourites

Hello Friends and Hello Summer!!

Welcome back to my blog and thanks for taking the time out to read this. So here's a few bits and pieces that I have been really loving throughout the month of May and for a long time to come too I'm sure. I hope you enjoy =)


Say hello to the nicest bronzer I have probably ever had in my collection, okay that's a bit over kill LOL but seriously if you want yourself a good bronzer you have to try L'oreal Glam Bronze. It has the tiniest bit of shimmer in it but would be more matt and looks that way when applied. I started using this 2 weeks ago and have used it everyday. Its very easily applied with a powder brush, only needing a tiny amount and I love contouring with it :) 
On the brand, L'oreal is the biggest cosmetic company in the world. Its around since 1909! And funnily enough I have never been a fan of their make up until now. Love their hair care range though! ;)

Then another product I have adored all this month is this NYC Smooth Skin pressed face powder. This for me has certainly given the Rimmel stay matt powder a run for its money. Its very finally milled and goes over any of my foundations perfectly. I only ever use and buy translucent powders! I wouldn't even consider buying a shade darker, even with a tan, remember you're using this to set your makeup not your colour and a translucent powder will not affect the colour of your skin. Natural! Isn't that what we're all after? My hair is as dark as the ace of spades and my skin on most days is a whiter shade than pale but I still opt for the translucent powders. That's just my own personal opinion. I use my bronzers and blushes to add some colour. Oh and this powder is cheap as chips too and I love the packaging! I'll be repurchasing this soon as you can see I have hit pan. NYC is available in Super Drug and chemists.


Have you ever tried anything from Soap and Glory? Its one of those brands where, for me, they have as many hits as misses in their collection. But one thing that I do love from Soap and Glory is their body butters. I particularly love the Sugar Crush (amazing) if you like the smell of lime this is absolute heaven and the Butter Yourself one. Now I only use these sparingly, maybe once or twice a week because for my skins sake, I stick to sensitive and hypoallergenic moisturisers but I have been getting a little carried away with these recently. I've been using the Butter Yourself one more, at night after my shower. I just love the smell of it and its texture. Its very luxurious. And moisturises perfectly. Both these were gifted to me over Christmas :) I know its so bad I'm only getting round to them now. 


You are probably sick of hearing me mention these at this stage cos lord knows I'm sick of reading it myself haha but the Super Drug Naturally Radiant range has been a huge hit for me all month long! But out of the entire range the hot cloth cream cleanser is my favourite so I put it into this monthly favourites. Stay tuned for a full review.


I thought I would mention a few artists that have caught my eye this month or ears for that matter and they are all current :)

The Vamps, these are a young pop/indie band that have come out recently. I can't say that their record will be in my collection or single on my ipod yet :) but fm104 have been playing the sh#t out of their single 'last night' and I just think its fun and fantastic. Their only around 19 bless them, but I reckon they could be onto big things.

Ed Sheeran. Okay I think I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with Ed Sherran. I don't have his first album but I'm guessing he released most singles of it in anyways because they where rolling out one after another on the air waves. However I am loving his new album x (multiply) it's brilliant! I am tempted to buy his first album now because his current album is certainly doing it for me at the moment. Major talent!

And finally, Sam Smith. Oh my goodness, what a voice. I really hope he stays true to himself and carries on the way he is going. His current single 'stay with me' will perhaps be one of the best songs this year, for me ;). If  I am totally honest I wasn't totally gone on his single with Naughty Boys 'la la la' but he has totally hooked me now with his own stuff. I can't wait to listen to his album.


This month my Ms Fabulous goes to the one and only Queen B! I adore this woman's music and I not gonna lie I was kinda addicted to her visual album too. But the reason why I picked her this month is with all the hype that surrounded the Solange and Jay Z elevator incident I love how Beyonce remained her composure during the whole ordeal (if you can call it that) I read article after article slating her for 'doing nothing' during it. But I have to hand it to her. I thought she handled it like a queen :) Plus she is a huge inspiration to me. She defines INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Here she is before the 'elevator incident' at the Met Gala and in her queen composure. 


Something else I've been loving this month is this strawberries and cream scented candle and it smells delish! And the scent reminds me of my very best friend LOL That's a compliment I'm sure. And I bought these in Super Value for 3 euro!!

And there you have it. 

So we are well and truly into the Summer months now and I hope the weather stays good. I have some time of work this month and I want to use the time to get into a new routine and go gun ho on my training and diet. I'll be bringing you along with me too ;) I'll need the inspiration and motivation no doubt!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and thanks again for taking the time to read this.

Much Love,

Amy xo

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